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About Veronica

 Veronica hails from Buenos Aries, Argentina, where she played classical guitar & studied art and photography. While her courses instructed her to paint on canvas & develop an eye to take beautiful photos, the burning desire to work and build with her hands led her to turn trash into treasure. Her media became old slides which she melted and manipulated in beautiful ways; She repurposed discarded books, combining them with rusty tools and turning them into conversation pieces. Arriving in the U.S. in 2001, her eye for beauty and design landed her behind a desk for several years as a graphic designer, but sitting idly in front of a computer eventually took its toll. As Veronica sat daydreaming about the things she loved, she made a short list: Dogs, Nature, Art & Music. From this list evolved her current reality. She immediatelybecame licensed & started her own Dog Walking biz, “Frenchies & Co.,” which specializes in French 



Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers & similar breeds.  Who knew that the best views of her semi-new city would be from the top of a beautiful park with 8 dogs in tow? Her own 5’ stature contributed to the tagline, “Shorty Walking Shorties,” and it stuck! Through building the business, dogs & their owners essentially became her life & she loved it! Daydreaming again on how to expand this world, she sought out Lancy at VIP Grooming, and began training in 2013. “Lancy’s calm & loving assertiveness with the dogs was so impressive & I knew right away that VIP was the place for me to learn..” Being a part of the VIP team allows her the freedom to continue building her own business while advancing her skills as a professional groomer. “Some people may not understand it, but grooming is Art & the positivity and energy behind it is so important. I’m so happy to be in a place where I can use my hands to create in such an amazing way!”

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